very low sodium content

2.1 mg/ltr

from the Monte Cimone springs

at 935 meters altitude

of the Italian Appennine mountains



Acquacedri is a microbiologically 

pure, natural mineral water, coming from the Monte Cimone springs, located at 935 meters above sea level, in an 

uncontaminated area of the 

Appennino mountains in Italy.


The Monte Cimone Spring is at the heart of the protected “Natural park of the High Appennines of Modena”in a tranquil, protected and absolutely uncontaminated environment.



Thanks to a perfect balance of

minerals, low TDS and a PH of 7.5, Acquacedri has a light and very pleasant taste on the palate.

These characteristics make it 

particularly suitable for those who

want to follow a bland detoxifying



Its very low sodium content, makes

Acquacedri perfect for the wellbeing of your heart and body. It is recommended for those who want to follow a diet lacking in Sodium.



Owing to its remarkable chemical and physical characteristics,

Acquacedri water has been

recognised by

the  Italian Health

Authorities, and awarded

the certification as:


“water recommended for the preparation of food for newborn babies” 


(Italian Ministry of health decree No. 3648, dated 17-11-2005).

Bottled in Italy at the source