Acquacedri Natural Mineral Water concept was built on two main foundations:

  • High quality natural mineral water should not be overpriced

  • Social and environmental responsibilities are everyone's duties

Light, Healthy & Pleasant


Three words that perfectly describe Acquacedri and its taste profile due to its:

  • Perfect balance of minerals

  • Low TDS (total dissolved solids)

  • Very low sodium (only 2.1 mg/l)

  • Alkaline PH of 7.5

Environment Friendly


At Aqcuacedri we understand how important it is to preserve our environment:

  • We use light PET to dramatically reduce our environmental impact

  • Our bottles are 100% recyclable

  • Our bottles are crystal clear: we don't use any colorants

  • Our factories are DNV certfified for the use of clean energy in the production process

Nature gave us the best Natural Mineral Water;

it is our duty in return to be responsible and minimize our impact on our environment

Bottled in Italy at the source